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Executing a Trade


Once you have completed account verification and deposited funds you are ready to start trading. Select the trade tab which is also the home screen.


In the top right section of the page you will find the trading market. Select the trading pair you wish to use. For example, BTC/ETH would allow you to trade between those two currencies.


Scroll down the trading page until you see a section with the headers






You will be presented with two columns: Buy and Sell


Clearly determine which currency you wish to buy through the sale of the other currency.

If you are on the Market tab, when you enter the amount you wish to buy or sell your order will be immediately processed by the market. This option is good if you need to make a quick sale instantly. If you select the limit tab, this allows you to control and set the price you wish to buy or sell at and will not be executed unless that price is met.

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